May Scout Camp 4/6 May 2019


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This camp is our annual weekend camp where we can do 3day and 2 night camp. Saturday morning startred of cold but sunny that quickly changed and soon we where in heavy showers with hail and sleet mixed in which didn't augar well for setting up camp, and of cause when we got to the campsite (Bail Wood) it had stopped raining so we got the Marquee out to start erecting and we where half way through the heavens opened, but with help from the parents we managed to get the canopy on and the framework secured so we did not get as wet as we thought, after the shower things started bightening up and the rest of the camp was erect in dry weather, but the wind was still cold and of course it was even colder during the night it was even colder. During Saturday the scouts did various activities and helped build the campfire for later on in the eveing. Our meals where cooked by the older scouts under suoervision and a grand job the did as well. After tea as it was getting dusk we alll went to the campfire, and where joined by Withernsea Explorers, Holderness Road Methodist Guides and our Beavers. We had a great time which everyone enjoyed. Sunday morning was sunny and cloudy but still on the cold side. During the day the scouts took part in various actives from first aid to collecting firewood and grading it for the fire from kindling to small logs for alter fires so we could cook our evening meal. During the even we kept one fire doubling the length so we could have our own fire during the evening and we all set down around the fire talking and telling stories with toasted marshmallows inbetween. Minday started out dry but quickly deteriorated and it rained all the morning whilst we decamped with the consequence we had wet tents to contend with when got back to the headquarters.