Blacktoft Beacon St. Georges Event and Parade


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Sunday 7th April 2019 The City of Hull District where invited to participate in Blacktoft Beacon's St. George's Activity Day and Parade. As a group we decide to go and see what it all involved. The event was well organised and all went well, the only fly in the ointment was that the weather was but off with itself heavy cloud cover with one shower, windy and cold but that didn't dampen the spirits as the young people took it all in their stride. There was plenty to do with indoor and outdoor activities for the young people. The Indoor activities where :- Dragon Making / Black Sheep Combat (Karate Club) / Bricks 4 Kids (Lego) / Buss Bots / Royal Air Force / YouShape / Paracord / Biscuit Decorating / Silent Disc then there where the Outdoor Activities :- Inflatables / Circus Skills / Skate Park / Pancake Cooking / Pioneering / Archery / garden Games / Big Ball / Climbing Walls from the list you can see there was plenty of activities for everyone. The day as far as our group was concerned was a success, and if invited again will be going again